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Overview of Distinctive Competence of Taylor Cox & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Taylor Cox
Dr. Taylor Cox
1. Strong Intellectual Foundations

The consulting work of Taylor Cox & Associates (TCA) is guided by specific conceptual models of diversity (The Interactional Model of Cultural Diversity and the model for organizational change) taken from the 1993 book by the founder/president Dr. Taylor Cox Jr. We believe that the existence of clear, logical and research supported intellectual foundations, is one of the hallmarks of high quality consulting work.

(Cultural Diversity in Organizations: Theory, Research and Practice) was co-winner of the prestigious National Academy of Management annual book award, given to the management book judged by Academy members and a panel of experts, to have made the greatest contribution to the field of management sciences during the proceeding two years.

2. Research Based

We believe that the quality of decision making in organizations is greatly enhanced when they are based, at least partly, on empirical research.

The founder/president of TCA, Mr. Taylor Cox Jr. is a Ph.D with formal training on social science research methods, and has published his research in the most prestigious academic and business journals in the world.

3. Blend of Science and Practice

We believe that the consulting team of TCA brings a rare blend of strong academic backgrounds AND extensive practical experience working as managers (or with managers) to meet organizational challenges.

4. Depth Plus Scope of Experience

We have extensive experience with developing training in the context of other intervention tools such as alignments of HR processes, use of survey feedback and development of the business case for managing diversity.

5. Integrated Approach to Management

We believe it is important to develop strategies for managing diversity and leveraging diversity in the context of the more comprehensive human resource strategy and the still broader business strategy of the firm.
Overview of Distinctive Competence | Taylor Cox - Bio | Taylor Cox - Resume | Products & Services | The TCA Approach

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